where are you based?

South Florida (Boca Raton) but we’ll travel anywhere we can get to by car.


What do you need to set-up?

A 10ft x 10ft covered space with electricity.  Wifi is a bonus!


How can I get a quote?

Head over to our contact page and tell us about your event. We’ll be happy to draft something up for ya!


What makes The Reverie Booth different from the other open-air photobooths in the area?

Great question! While our equipment may be similar, we’re all about the experience we give our clients. No two events are the same, that’s why we pride ourselves by styling our set-up differently and specifically for each event so we seamlessly fit in! So with us, you get the booth and two party enthusiast creatives that have an eye for style.


How much time do you need to set-up?

An hour to be fully set-up and ready to party!  Breakdown is usually a bit quicker.


Can the booth be set-up outside?

Yes, as long as it is covered from any unsuspecting rain (we are in Florida after all!)


Do you have insurance?

You betcha! And we’ll happily provide documentation for your venue.


Do you offer custom props and backdrops?

We do!  We love creating custom pieces for events with a specific theme - give us an idea of what you're looking for via our contact page and we can chat!


What do your prints look like?

We have two print styles: 4x6 prints which includes 1-4 photos depending on the layout you choose and the classic 2x6 strips (3 pics per strip). You can a look at some examples here.


If I don’t get prints, how can my guests see their pictures?

Well, lucky for you, all of our collections include social media integration (wifi permitting). This means after your guests are done taking their photos, your Reverie Booth attendant can text or email the photos to them right from the booth! We also post each events photos on our Facebook page 1-2 days after the event and you get a shareable gallery of all the high-resolution images.


Do I need to provide a table for the props?

That would be fabulous! But if not, we can bring our own. Just make sure you let us know in advance.


I want to provide my own backdrop. Will you bring a stand?

You got it! Just make sure it’s at least 8ft x 8ft.